Shauna VanBogart
Shauna VanBogart
Intuitive Business Coach. Truth-teller.

Intuitive Business Coach. Truth-Teller.


I see you business owner...

Jumping into self-employment with a purpose – a passion – that just like me, you felt called to bring to the world. You didn’t start a business because you love entrepreneurship; you started a business because you just knew this was the best way to deliver your gifts (and the freedom over your schedule and time iced the cake).

I see you in the beginning of your business...

Focused, passionate, excited. Feeling like this is so much easier than you thought it would be. Seeing how effortlessly things are coming together. Realizing in yourself that nothing has felt more right than to be right there, right then, doing what you’re doing.

I see you in year two in your business...

Determined, busy, yet nervous. Thoughts of, “Shouldn’t I be further along?” or “I thought I'd be more successful by now” become more frequent. Comparing yourself to others (especially with the added pressure of social media) becomes a habit and to solve revenue problems, your go-to action steps include investing in more education, developing new skills, launching new projects and products, or partnering with others.


I see you in years 3+ in your business…

Concerned, anxious, yet committed to making it work. Grateful for the skills you’ve learned along the way but feeling like there's something amiss. Your focus may have waned but the bigger issue is that you’re not entirely sure what to be focusing on anymore. There's so many things (meetings, projects, tasks, responsibilities ...). Feeling busy, sure. But also overwhelmed (or deflated) saying things to yourself like, "I'm not sure THIS is what I want to be doing anymore" or "I know I'm destined for something BIG but not sure what my next steps are" or questioning, "Do I need to rebrand? Is my business model working the way it should?" and more importantly,  "When can this be FUN again?"

Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned business owner, I want you to listen very carefully to what I’m going to tell you next...

Because this one very overlooked truth is the exact thing that keeps business owners small for so long. And after working, lecturing and interacting with thousands of business owners, I can verify that it’s indeed a trending insight:

When it begins to feel like an uphill battle, you’ve deviated from your Sweet Spot.

Unfortunately, when things start to feel wrong in your business your logical mind first attempts to solve the symptoms instead of this core issue. Meaning, you’re actually deviating further away from the Sweet Spot by turning to more marketing hacks, implementing new funnels, going to more networking events, etc. This becomes a very distinct (and highly misguided) pattern of thinking that you need to do MORE when the opposite is what you truly need.

The answer to MORE is not MORE. 

The real answer to MORE is clearing away the mental and physical clutter that’s overshadowing this Sweet Spot.

So, what exactly is the Sweet Spot you ask?

It’s your unique thumbprint for how you operate your business and deliver your service to the world. 

It’s a combination of your WHY, your zone of genius and your ideal consumers. Imagine that feeling you had at the very beginning of your business combined with all the knowledge you’ve acquired over the years. It’s a feeling of re-aligning with your purpose but in a way that simplifies the entire way you get work done.

And THIS is my Sweet Spot.

Helping you identify, rediscover, and connect back to this place. The ultimate goal is that you get to tap back into your innate gifts you’re meant to give this world and in a way that works for you.

I’m Shauna and I’ve been self-employed since 2007 (for my credentials, you can view my LinkedIn profile here). I spent a lot of time during my self-employed career deviating away from this Sweet Spot myself. Did I accomplish things? Sure. But was it a drain on my time, energy, and money to get there? YUP.

Once I realized that solving the surface level symptoms wasn’t leading to sustainability, I shifted gears. I spent years learning the hard lessons, working with coaches, investing in personal and professional development, and implementing what I’ve learned into my coaching practice, with more success for my clients than ever before … all because I made a simple commitment to return to my Sweet Spot.

While the framework for identifying this Sweet Spot is now proven and highly impactful to both my clients’ businesses and lives, it took years and thousands of dollars in my own development for the clear vision of this powerful process to manifest. And now I know, as I reflect back over my self-employed career that all of the hard lessons were in preparation for this very moment. To serve you at my highest level of energy, intuition, and insight.

Should we work together, I can promise you three things:

+ TRUTH about what’s holding you back.

+ CLARITY on where you’re going and why.

+ ACTION STEPS for a more abundant way forward.

Working with many coaches myself during the entirety of my career (some good, some bad), I know how significant the investment can be. More important, I know how significant it is to find the right fit. And although you can browse my credentials, it will serve you better to know what my beliefs are.

From these, I personally think you’ll glean more imperative insight about the type of coach I am and if we’re meant to work together:

  • I believe in a minimalist approach to life and business. 

  • I believe in a less but better mentality to content delivery, marketing and social media.

  • I believe in a lifestyle-first approach to managing your company. 

  • I believe in valuing time over money. 

  • I believe in being thorough (No shortcuts or as my husband and I like to say, “Crap in. Crap out.”)

  • I believe in saying “No” more than you say “Yes”.

  • I believe in intuition as your biggest business tool.

  • I believe in daily work to cultivate an abundance mindset.

And it’s because of these beliefs combined with my coaching methods that you will:

  • Discover YOUR way of running your company that induces FLOW

  • Build a business machine that’s streamlined and efficient.

  • Grow profit by focusing on the 20% of activities that deliver 80% of your results.

  • Reflect a strong self-promotion strategy grounded in humility and value.

  • Attract a higher rate of referrals rather than relying on marketing funnels, building email lists, or launching webinars.

  • Strip 80% of your time, money and energy drains.

  • Achieve maximum impact with your audience.

  • Align your business model with a lifestyle you desire.

  • Make smarter and more tactical decisions.

But here’s the deal … I take your investment incredibly seriously.

I don’t want to work with anyone and everyone. I want to work only with people I feel confident that I can deliver value to. So if what you’ve read so far feels right to you. If your intuition tells you that a conversation feels like the next best step, let's hop on the phone for 15 minutes and see if we're a good fit.