Hear what the high-performers who work with me have to say:

Coaching with Shauna helped me in two specific areas. First, I gained a level of confident clarity that I struggled to embrace for years. I am much of a “big picture” visionary. For clients, I have always been able to help them strategize and develop “next steps.” However, it was such a struggle for me personally. As Shauna says, I was “too close to it.” It was almost like Shauna grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me away from “it” so that I could see more objectively. She called me on the BS narrative that I constantly rehearsed, which gave me the ability to create actionable steps toward building a more sustainable business. Secondly, my client relationships have completely shifted. For the majority of my entrepreneurial career, I seemed attract clients who appreciated the work that I do but didn’t value it enough to prioritize it. Since coaching with Shauna, I have been able to develop reciprocal relationships with clients and my cash flow issues are, more and more, dissipating.
— Mich(ael) Weston | Supernormal by Mich Weston
Shauna gave me clarity in my business and having her help me develop a solid framework gave me a new found focus in moving my business forward. She gets straight to the point and literally points you to the sweet spot of your business. I love that she is very intuitive and is an active listener a very important skill set when coaching others. I love how she caters to your specific needs and is not a one size fits all.
— Tori WIlliams | Essence of Intuition Coaching Services LLC
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She is a pure source of ROI. For every dollar I have spent, I have easily made two back and quickly too! She offers not only relief but validation with solutions! If you’ve tried it ALL on your own, knock it off and call Shauna. Work smarter and not harder! I wish I had called her sooner! She is not what I call a “Yes, Mam-er.” She gives it to you straight and calls you out when you try to play small or act less than your greatness. She is intuitively gifted in guiding you through each coaching call. Sure she will address what you call her for but more importantly she will ask you to focus on the root of the problem keeping you from having it! She is quick to respond and a wealth of knowledge and resources. Working with her, I broke through mental barriers, eliminated limiting beliefs that no longer served me, reworked my business model to better serve my zone of genius, and attracted more qualified clients.
— ASHLEY RODA | Iconic Details
Shauna helped me break through a lot of mindset blocks to reach a whole new level of prosperity in my business. She also helped me to structure my business in a way that has so much sustainability and longevity! I will be using this business model for many years to come. I have gone from around 10 clients (one-on-one and group coaching) to 20 clients per month. Shauna is whip smart and very good at seeing things from a high level of expertise paired with acute intuitive guidance. It was so helpful to have someone work on my business with me who wasn’t “in” my business and to offer different perspectives. She will also totally call you out on your BS and hold you accountable to what she knows you are capable of. I had a great experience working with Shauna and she really helped me to kickstart the rapidly growing success of my business.
— TAYLOR DIXON |  Taylor Lou Coaching
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Shauna is a refreshing change to ineffective ‘coaches’ of the past—she is professional to the hilt and a very quick study on who I am and what my business needed. Her follow up and accountability factor was the tipping point to our success with one another. Her vast, quality resources make her a value to my business and personal life and far exceed my expectations. I’d add that she has extensive lifestyle and personal attributes and experiences that she is always willing to share, which greatly enriched our engagement. Shauna will wade through the complexities of your greatest business and revenue BLOCKS and help you gain a foothold on a better plan for freedom from frustrations in your personal and business life.
— COKIE BERENYI | CokieBerenyi.com
I met with Shauna not knowing what to expect. I knew I needed some help streamlining my business but I wasn’t quite sure “what” that was. One session with Shauna and I found immense clarity. She asked insightful questions that allowed me to focus on my strengths and passions, weeding out some practices that were no longer serving me. She offered great advice that helped me restructure my business path forward and reinvigorated my love of what I do. I left with clear action steps moving forward and a sense of inspiration. I will be working further with Shauna and I cannot recommend her enough.
I absolutely LOVE working with Shauna. Shauna helped me find clarity, put a plan of action together and gave me the coaching I needed. She is extremely strategic and very intentional with her approach. I trust her guidance and expertise.
— AMANDA BOLEYN | She Did It Her Way Podcast
Working with Shauna is amazing! She listens to you talk, and is able to pick out the true, deeper questions, desires, and feelings that will guide you to the place you want to go. She is incredibly supportive, sharp, and pushes you to figure out the answers to your own questions.I realized how close I was to where I wanted to be! I also learned how to energetically shift into the place that I wanted to be, while being able to embody the feelings of that in the present moment.
— INDIGO COLTON | Indigo Colton LLC
Mind blown. My 3-hour intensive with Shauna was one of the best investments in coaching experiences I have ever had. When I hired Shauna, I was in the red, but I knew she would be an investment and not an expense. Fast forward to making more money in the last four months of the year than I had in the first eight and finishing with 16% growth overall! She flipped my relationship with money and value, along with giving me uber-practical advice on my website, how to market my course, and my coaching packages. Style and image? Yes, please! She helped me with my wardrobe and signature style, and now I look as successful as I feel.
— MARCEY RADER | Work Well Play More
What I will say is I was mentally stumped and having trouble moving forward with launching my business. I knew speaking with Shauna would give me some clarity. Shauna provided a lot of useful information that I will be able to use towards my launch. Shauna has a very calming approach and was able to understand my mental blocks. I had no hesitancy hiring her.
— LATRICE COLE | Latrice Monique Consulting
Working privately with Shauna is like having your own marketing ninja on speed dial. She is incredibly good at everything she does and she can see 5 steps ahead in your business where you may be overwhelmed by the big picture. She listens actively, answers honestly and, as a longtime successful entrepreneur herself, just GETS IT, which is so refreshing. Plus, she’s just awesome. 🙂 I have loved every session I’ve ever had with her over the past 2 years and anyone would be lucky to have her as a mentor.
— GERVASE KOLMOS | Shiny Happy Human
For the first time in almost two years, I wake up on Mondays actually excited to work. Over the last 6+ months, Shauna has helped me not only increase my income, but also uncover the business model, marketing strategy, and overall work I feel called to do in the world. I can’t explain in words just how good that feels! We’ve completely overhauled my landing pages, sales copy, and funnels, but it was the deeper work we did around energy and success mindset that finally allowed those things to stick. Shauna’s intuition is spot on — and she always knows what’s really going on underneath the surface. That clarity is priceless!
— KELLY ELIZABETH SCOTT | The Wellness Boulevard
I’m so grateful for the insight and lessons that I’ve gained from Shauna. She truly listens and the tailors her guidance and advice to what’s important YOU and YOUR business. With a vast amount of knowledge and endless creativity, she’s a valued asset to your growth and success. When I find myself at a crossroads, I often think of her simple, but powerful quote: “You know more than you think, just do it”. Thank you, Shauna, for always being in my corner!
— KARYL ECKERLE | The Business Of Image
Shauna is a brilliant coach who truly cares about helping you find clarity in your business. She has an amazing ability to listen to your big ideas to create a plan with actionable steps to achieve success. She has guided me in clearly defining my ideal client, found creative ways to market my offerings, and made recommendations for restructuring my services in ways to better help clients and support balance and flexibility in my work schedule. Did I also mention she is a proven successful business owner and huge supporter of women entrepreneurs! She truly cares about your success and knows her stuff! She is authentic, trustworthy, and her follow through is amazing, which is so hard to find in the crowded world of online coaching. I would hire and recommend her over and over.
— NICOLE BORRELL | NicoleBorrell.com
I really appreciate how every time we communicate, I get such a deep sense of admiration, respect, and love that seems to go both ways. What you stand for and how you share that with others have impressed and inspired me from the first time I interacted with you. Our time working together has been something I truly value and appreciate.
— AMANDA JOHNSON | AmandaJohnson.tv
A colleague told me about Shauna and after emailing her and reading her reply, it was like she was inside my head. She knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling without ever having talked to me. During our session she was incredibly helpful with great advice and resources. I’m still figuring things out and Shauna was a big part of putting me on that path.
— RAMONA RUSSELL | RamonaRussell.net