I am so excited to be working together. You are going to be thrilled with the clarity, peace of mind, and momentum garnered in our full day together. To get started, there’s three things you need to do right now.


STEP ONE: Set your preferences

Every Immersion Day itinerary is a little different based on my clients so filling out this form will be the easiest way for me to customize your day in the best way possible. Be as honest and upfront as possible so I can ensure as smooth and satisfying of a day as possible.

Name *
Sometimes I have you meet me at my home downtown Charleston. I own a cat named Henry who is incredibly friendly but cats may or may not be for everyone (especially those with allergies). Let me know your preference: *
Are you okay with sitting for up to 3 hours at a time as we review your business? *
I like to sometimes build in experiential components. Can you please check the boxes of things that resonate with you: *

STEP TWO: Schedule Your Initial Call

We’ll schedule a 60-minute call to meet over Zoom so we can get a lay of the land. From here, I may also recommend a book or two for you to read prior to our Immersion Day.

STEP THREE: Find me on Voxer App

We’ll connect via Voxer app for communication before and after your Immersion Day. Find me as username ShaunaVanBogart and send me a message letting me know you’ve got it setup.